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Expanding opportunities for lower-income women to access affordable, high quality maternal care is at the heart of LifeSpring Hospitals. The cost of traditional private hospitals is out of reach of many Indians. Yet, public hospitals’ free services often compromise quality, transparency, efficiency, and attitude towards the customers. Women are increasingly choosing to give birth at a private hospital, but often have to take out loans or sell assets to finance their choice of receiving adequate care.

LifeSpring’s mission grew out of this deep deficiency and in response to women’s demand for an alternative. In this vein, LifeSpring provides its customers with choices and care that recognize their dignity. With its expanding chain of affordable, high quality maternal hospitals, LifeSpring has taken on the challenge to provide innovative solutions for women and babies. Through LifeSpring’s model of small hospitals (20-25 beds) and prices significantly below market rates, LifeSpring has achieved financial sustainability and social impact. LifeSpring aims to serve as a model for providing high quality maternal and child health services to the poor in India and worldwide.

LifeSpring’s model uses a market-based approach to achieve sustainability and scale. It utilizes a cross-subsidy model of tiered pricing that enables LifeSpring to charge low prices for the general ward, which makes up 70% of each hospital. The first LifeSpring Hospital opened in 2005 on the outskirts of Hyderabad in Moula Ali; it broke even and became profitable in less than two years of operation. Through its process-driven model, each LifeSpring Hospital is easily replicable in other locations, ensuring scaleability and supporting rapid expansion.

LifeSpring's Mission
“To be the leading health care provider delivering high quality, affordable core maternal health care to low-income mothers across India.”
LifeSpring's Quality Policy
“LifeSpring Hospitals exist to provide women and children with high quality health care at an affordable price. We commit to meet our customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations by making continual improvements in all we do.”
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