The staff, including doctors, are very approachable. They take good care of the pregnant women - before, during and after pregnancy. The staff informed us about their packages well in advance of the expected date of delivery of my daughter. We paid exactly the same amount for delivery -no extra! We are happy with the service.

Mother of a Customer

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Background Material

LifeSpring Background
Two-page overview on LifeSpring Hospitals and its current achievements

LifeSpring Poster
LifeSpring poster showcased at 2010 World Health Care Congress in Washington D.C.

Case Studies on LifeSpring Hospital

LifeSpring Case Study by Monitor Group
Case study on LifeSpring's low-cost model included in Monitor Group's report: Emerging Markets, Emerging Models

Acumen Fund
Talent Management at the Base of the Pyramid

Innovative Pro-Poor Healthcare Financing and Delivery Models
Profile on LifeSpring Hospitals' unique model featured in this report, which stems from a Rockefeller Foundation-sponsored initiative on the Role of the Private Sector in Health Systems in Developing Countries.

Columbia Business School Case Study on LifeSpring Hospitals
Case study on how LifeSpring markets its services to our low-income customers

Training to scale-up operations
Interview with LifeSpring's erstwhile Head of Marketing and Strategy, Tricia Morente, on our Learning and Development program

LifeSpring Hospitals: Providing Affordable, Quality Healthcare
Case Study on LifeSpring?s model, written by the Business Call to Action

Report on LifeSpring Hospital by Prof Gaurab Bharadwaj of Babson

Presentation of LifeSpring Hospitals at 2nd Inclusive Business Forum Asia held at Asian Development Bank Manila from 16th to 19th February 2016.

Delivering World Class Health Care Affordably, an article by Prof Vijay Govindarajan & Prof Ravi Ramamurti published in Harvard Business Review (Nov 2013) (can also be found at this link)

Affordable Health Care Service Innovations from India published in Pacific Business Review International May 2014

Srishti Srishti is a 12th grade student at Nogales High School, Arizona USA. She is a recipient of Two Presidential Awards for Academic excellence. She is a certified Scuba Diver and a Performing singer of Hindustani classical and Contemporary Music. Her ambition is to pursue Biomedical Engineering and contribute in the field of "Mother and Child care". of Nogales High School, Arizona USA, has written a paper on Future of low cost maternity care in India - a subject which is at the core of LifeSpring Hospitals.

LifeSpring was profiled in Innovations in Services Marketing and Management: Strategies for Emerging Economies by Anita Goyal (Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow, India)

LifeSpring received World Business and Development Award 2010

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