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LifeSpring’s prices are between 30-50% of prevailing market rates. Through its affordable services, LifeSpring will significantly reduce the burden of rising health costs on the nation’s low-income communities, helping to reduce poverty. To meet low-income women’s demand for safe, dignified, and affordable maternal care, LifeSpring Hospitals’ services include:

Prenatal care Normal and caesarean deliveries Postnatal care
Family planning services Immunizations Pediatric consultations
Diagnostic services Pharmacy

In-patient services are offered across three wards: general ward (cubicles), private room and deluxe room. Health care education to the surrounding communities is an ongoing activity at LifeSpring.


Pre-natal services

LifeSpring provides prenatal care throughout the length of a woman’s pregnancy, from the time she seeks pregnancy confirmation through delivery. LifeSpring’s doctors and outreach workers promote prenatal care, as women who see a health care provider regularly during pregnancy have healthier babies, are less likely to delivery prematurely, and are less likely to have other seriously problems related to delivery.

LifeSpring’s suggested schedule for prenatal care visits for a low-risk woman with a normally progressing pregnancy is:

  • >>   Weeks 4 to 28: 1 visit per month (every 4 weeks)
  • >>   Weeks 28 to 36: 2 visits per month (every 2-3 weeks)
  • >>   Weeks 36 to birth: 1 visit per week

LifeSpring Hospital offers high quality prenatal care and consultations with gynecologists. Diagnostic services and a pharmacy are also available to outpatients. Each consultation with a LifeSpring doctor is priced at Rs 150 (~$2.60 USD).



LifeSpring has delivered more than 48,000 babies across the 12 hospitals in Hyderabad.

LifeSpring's core inpatient service is deliveries in general ward. LifeSpring has good operation theatre facility in each of its hospitals to meet contingencies where a normal delivery is not progressing as expected. With its focus on continuous improvement in service quality, streamlining processes, and containing costs, LifeSpring is able to provide its services at affordable prices. The following are the prices of its core services in the general ward:

  • >>   Normal delivery : Rs.8,500 (about USD 120)
  • >>   Caesarean delivery : Rs.21,000 (about USD 300)

The above packages include doctor charges, operation theater charges, nursing charges, oxygen charges, radiant heat warmer charges for the new born, hospital stay, medicines, and any government supplied free vaccination.


Post-natal care

After the delivery, LifeSpring Hospitals offers postnatal care services to both mother and child. In the case of normal delivery, the new mother stays in the hospital for 48 hours after delivery. A doctor examines her for four times a day during her stay in the hospital. In the case of caesarean delivery, the woman stays in the hospital for 5 days. The new born receives the care of paediatrician for the duration of stay of the mother in the hospital.

During the stay of new mother in the hospital, our expert doctors provide customers and their families with medical advice on caring for their newborn, including kangaroo care, early initiation to breast feeding, the baby’s vaccination schedule. The family is also counselled on the family planning.

After discharge from the hospital, each woman and child receive one free follow up consultation with the obstetrician and the paediatrician. Additionally, our outreach workers visit each and every woman post-delivery to enquire about the health of mother and baby. LifeSpring’s flagship hospital, Moula Ali, provides free vaccinations to babies, through its partnership with the government.


Paediatric care

A Paediatrician examines each baby at birth. This ensures that any problems are detected at the earliest and care is taken to reduce infant morbidity. Immediately after the birth, the baby is placed in radiant heat baby warmer to maintain the temperature to which the baby was habituated before delivery.

The Paediatrician also examines the new born at least once each day during the stay of the mother in the hospital. Where required, LifeSpring provides the basic support to the new born for rescitation using laryngoscope & oxygen, phototherapy in case of neo-natal jaundice.

The Paediatrician also counsels the families about the vaccination and provides vaccination, as per the schedule. In addition, the Paediatrician also provides general outpatient services to the children as per the need. Each hospital has at least one nurse who is trained in handling the new born and assist the Paediatrician.

The related equipment present in the hospital include:

>>    Radiant Heat Baby Warmer >>    Laryngoscope >>    I-gel
>>    Oxygen Hood >>    Photo-therapy unit >>    Nebulizer

Community Outreach

Besides outpatient and inpatient care within the hospital, LifeSpring also focuses on community outreach programs to educate the surrounding communities around women’s health. Outreach workers and nurses based in each hospital go door-to-door within LifeSpring’s communities to educate women and key decision-makers about women’s health and maternity issues. The following messages are the focus of community outreach:

  • >>   Early registration of pregnancy
  • >>   Regular antenatal check up
  • >>   Nutrition during pregnancy & lactation

LifeSpring's outreach workers and nurses follow-up with each new mother and baby, at the customer's house. The outreach workers and nurses ensures that mother and child are doing well and encourages them to come for follow-up visits with LifeSpring doctors. Outreach workers and nurses are also available to answer any questions the customer may have.

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