The staff, including doctors, are very approachable. They take good care of the pregnant women - before, during and after pregnancy. The staff informed us about their packages well in advance of the expected date of delivery of my daughter. We paid exactly the same amount for delivery -no extra! We are happy with the service.

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LifeSpring’s prices are between 30-50% of prevailing market rates. Through its affordable services, LifeSpring will significantly reduce the burden of rising health costs on the nation’s low-income communities, helping to reduce poverty. To meet low-income women’s demand for safe, dignified, and affordable maternal care, LifeSpring Hospitals’ services include:

  • Prenatal care
  • Normal and caesarean deliveries
  • Postnatal care
  • Family planning services
  • Immunizations
  • Pediatric consultations
  • Diagnostic services
  • Pharmacy

In-patient services are offered across three wards: general ward (cubicles), private room and deluxe room. Health care education to the surrounding communities is an ongoing activity at LifeSpring.

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Making dignified maternity care accessible