The staff, including doctors, are very approachable. They take good care of the pregnant women - before, during and after pregnancy. The staff informed us about their packages well in advance of the expected date of delivery of my daughter. We paid exactly the same amount for delivery -no extra! We are happy with the service.

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Connecting Sponsors Directly with Low-Income Women to Enable Safe Childbirth

In addition to our regular customers, LifeSpring Hospitals has recently launched a separate entity, LifeSpring Foundation. Through this Foundation, donors may directly sponsor the deliveries of women who fall below our target population, and who therefore cannot even afford our low prices.

LifeSpring Foundation seeks to provide women earning $2 per day or less with the opportunity to experience a safe pregnancy and high quality childbirth.

For Rs 12,000 ($185) you can sponsor an entire delivery packages, which includes:

  • Antenatal Care (including all consultations with obstetricians, 3 ultrasounds, lab work, and an HIV test)
  • Emergency caesarian section  insurance fund 
  • One month of postnatal care (including government-sponsored vaccinations, one visit with the obstetrician and one visit with the paediatrician after discharge)

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