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Kukatpally 9701346535
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Vanasthalipuram 9701346530

For general enquiries contact 7893851613

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LifeSpring Hospitals communityreach Services

Community Outreach

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"Every woman, irrespective of her economic status, should get obstetrician's services during pregnancy." LifeSpring Hospitals emerged out of this value. Our Community Outreach initiative is built around this.

Despite efforts to build awareness, several pregnant women are not yet seeking timely care of obstetricians. For them, a visit to any female doctor suffices. We educate the community in general – and the pregnant women in particular – about the importance of consulting an obstetrician regularly during the antenatal period.

Additional points that our Outreach Workers campaign during their door-to-door visits in the communities around us are:

  • Importance of taking medicines only as prescribed.
  • Precautions during third trimester and childbirth preparation.
  • Importance of early breastfeeding to the newborn.

During the interactions, our Outreach Workers try to understand the health concerns as articulated by the pregnant women. This enables the healthcare professionals address such concerns during the pregnant woman’s visit to the hospital. This improves the bonding between the pregnant women and the healthcare professionals, and decreases the fear of hospitalisation among the pregnant women.

LifeSpring Hospitals communityreach Services
LifeSpring Hospitals communityreach Services
LifeSpring Hospitals communityreach Services