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LifeSpring Hospitals Obstetric icu Services


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The medical term “obstetrics” refers to the healthcare that runs through the entire length of a women’s pregnancy, including prenatal care, care during pregnancy complications, delivery, & postnatal care. At LifeSpring Hospitals, we have the winning combination of expert obstetricians and technology.

Two of the biggest challenges obstetricians face while treating obstetric patients during pregnancy and the postpartum period are safeguarding the health of the mother and ensuring the survival of the fetus.

We are aware that pregnant women are vulnerable to many infections and diseases during the pregnancy journey. We provide obstetric care across all the stages of a patient’s pregnancy journey and our perinatal nurses have an eye for detail

LifeSpring Hospitals Obstetric icu Services
LifeSpring Hospitals Obstetric icu Services
LifeSpring Hospitals Obstetric icu Services

Frequestly Asked Questions

It is an acute condition arising from causes directly linked to pregnancy such as antepartum or postpartum hemorrhage, ruptured uterus, postpartum sepsis, obstructed labor, complications of abortion, ectopic pregnancy. An obstetric complication can also arise from health conditions that are aggravated due to pregnancy but are not directly linked to pregnancy. Such health conditions are anemia, thyroid problems, etc.

Pregnant women should only take medicine after taking the advice of their physician. Given the delicate nature of pregnancy, all pregnant women should avoid self-medication or over-the-counter medication.

Some of the common problems experienced by most women during pregnancy are constipation, heartburn, weight gain, diarrhea, edema, indigestion, obesity, infections, urinary tract infections, nausea (morning sickness), bleeding, etc.

Each of our patients is unique, and the schedule of the visits to the doctors whom you would see will be tailored specifically to your needs. The doctors will discuss the care options with you and answer all your questions patiently.